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Change as usual?

Tue, 27 Nov 2018

I regularly hear “it’s business as usual” however in today’s fast moving world, surely it’s more like “change as usual”. 

My role, and our business model has changed significantly over the years.  These days whilst offering our candidates and clients a huge amount of flexibility, embracing technology and changing with the times we most definitely work smarter, not harder.

Our old model of a fixed office location and set opening times worked 10 years ago, however in today’s market, I don’t think it does.  Just look at shops in the high streets around the UK, most of whom are struggling to compete with the smarter more efficient, easier way of operating…. Online!

Facetime, Skype, Zoom, just 3 examples of how I’ve registered 3 excellent candidates just this morning, on a day that weather wise you really wouldn’t want to walk out the door (as the locals say, “its blowing a hoolie”).

Embrace change, give the people what they want and move with the times – we have.

You can register with Bespoke Recruitment 24/7, in person (at a time and location that suits you, or online.

Visit or call the team on 01624 611044

Best Regards

Jon Morley (Managing Director)