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What salary should I be on?

Mon, 08 Apr 2019

Whenever people find out that I’m a recruiter, often the next question is “so what salary should I be on?”

The truth is, it varies massively. 

We have accountants on our books who are ACCA qualified and with the same amount of post qualified experience whose salaries range from £40,000 - £100,000.  This sounds like an exaggeration but it’s something we see on a daily basis.

Factors include employee benefits packages, bonus structures, levels of responsibility and managerial experience.  The number of hours you work are also a consideration. I regularly interview people whose base salary is say £50,000 per annum which isn’t to be sniffed at - however they are working 60-70 hours a week in some cases which when you then work out your hourly wage, doesn’t look as appealing.

Larger organisations tend to be able to offer competitive benefits packages, whereas SME’s who don’t have the same budget, tend to offer higher salaries, or more flexible benefits such as increased holiday entitlements, working from home schemes, a shortened working week etc..
You really have to ask yourself, what do I want from a job/employer?  This can differ depending on the stage of life you are at (where medical or pension requirements might appeal if further along your career path, or maybe study support packages for those wishing to rise through the ranks and gain a sector specific qualification).

Ultimately, local clients seem to be recognising that staff retention is just as important as staff attraction.  We are seeing more vacancies come in for roles such as “Head of People Management” where companies work on developing culture and make the working environment the best place it can possibly be.  This in turn often reduces staff turnover, reduces staff absence, and creates a more involved and motivated work force, who then organically market the employer as a great place to work.

Salary is definitely still important, most have a mortgage/rent to pay, a family to support and ideally savings to be made.  We are however seeing more and more candidates focusing on what we think is equally as important – the office environment, who will I be working with, hours of work, expectations/flexibility etc..

We often spend more time in work with colleagues than we do at home with our loved ones.  It’s therefore really important that we look at the bigger picture and consider everything rather than just chasing the ££££’s.

At Bespoke Recruitment we take the time to get to know our clients inside out, so that we can in turn provide our candidates with the information they need in order to make as informed decision as possible.

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