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Why the Isle of Man?

Tue, 27 Nov 2018

There is no getting away from it – the Isle of Man is quite simply a superb location to live/work. 

On a recent trip off Island, it was noticeable how easy it is to forget how good we have it on “the rock”.  Yes it can be expensive getting on/off the Island if you don’t plan ahead, and the weather sadly doesn’t match that of the Mediterranean, however the Island offers a quality of life that’s difficult to match.

A candidate who we registered in London recently visited the Island to attend a block book of interviews we had arranged.  His usual work commute is a 15 minute walk to the train station, a 60 minute journey on a packed train followed by another 10 minute walk to get to his office.  After a 10 hour working day, he then gets to do the exact commute back home – that’s not far off 13 hours a day spent away from his loved ones! 

I finished one of my weekly client visits in Douglas at 3:00PM last week, by 3:45PM I was enjoying a breath-taking walk up Bradda Head with my ever enthusiastic Labrador.  The short commute, the beautiful glens/beaches on your doorstep and the knowledge that the Island is one of the safest places to live in Britain with less than 1% unemployment sometimes gets forgotten.

The Island offers employment opportunity within many sectors, including E Gaming, Accountancy, Law, Fiduciary, IT, Banking, Insurance, Engineering, Shipping and many more! 

Being an online agency, we register candidates at a time and location that suits you - and whether you are on or off Island, you can always register online.

Visit to view a range of opportunities with the Islands leading employers.

Our candidate from the UK mentioned above now lives and works on the Island and in his own words “moving to the Isle of Man is the best thing we ever did”.  He now has a much better work life balance, actually gets to see his wife/children and loves how safe the Island is. 

Thanks to the Bespoke Team he’s also thoroughly enjoying his new job!

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We are always on hand to provide free friendly advice, and guarantee absolute discretion in all of our dealings. 

Best Regards

Jon Morley (Managing Director)